Client / Server Networks

The Information Technology World is Continuously Changing

New programs, applications and products are introduced every day and come with options that seem to be endless and confusing. It is critical for businesses to adapt quickly in order to stay relevant in today’s highly competitive market. The ability to keep pace with change and manage it successfully is why Compu-Net Systems is the logical choice for installing, servicing, supporting and sourcing your computer and network systems.

We just don’t build them for the sake of making them work; we carefully design and build Client Server Networks for speed and reliability.

Do you need to design a new computer system? Do you need a technology partner? Do you have constant computer and performance problems? Are technical difficulties negatively affecting efficiency, productivity and impacting your ability to serve your customers? Compu-Net Systems can help!

With Compu-Net Systems as your reliable technology partner, you benefit from our years of knowledge and experience. Since 1997, we have been keeping servers, computers and networks operating at peak performance. Whether you have one computer or hundreds of computers, we are ready and able to do the same for you and your systems.

Compu-Net Systems Specializes in Designing, Installing and Upgrading Computer Network Systems for Improved Performance

Design / Integration

Compu-Net Systems provides system design and integration services for new and existing systems. We will work with any software vendor in any industry to design, install, support and service your computer and network infrastructure. Because we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, we guarantee a successful implementation.

One Source

Compu-Net Systems is your go-to and single source for all of your IT related purchases. We make it easy for you to purchase and we literally become your purchasing department. All of your purchases are tracked in our internal systems so you will never miss an important warranty, licensing or equipment expiration date.

Remote and Mobile

Compu-Net Systems knows the importance of being able to work from anywhere. We plan and deploy remote access solutions to meet the work and security needs of your business.


Compu-Net Systems offers site-survey and Wireless Access Point (WAP) design and setup services.

Does your business need a secure Wireless Access Point for its employees or guest network access for your customers? We can plan and secure a reliable wireless network infrastructure for you. Do you currently have a wireless network that is not reliable? We can evaluate your existing infrastructure and make recommendations for improving your situation.

Power Protection

Compu-Net Systems provides power protection systems for everything that is installed. In most companies where we perform system evaluations, we find their power protection system is under-specified or not installed properly. In some cases, no power protection system is installed at all!

Don’t lose your business-critical data or incur an expensive repair bill because your systems crashed due to a power failure. Let the experts at Compu-Net Systems design and install a power protection system that will keep your data and your systems safe.

Contact Compu-Net Systems today!

We can plan and implement your computer and network infrastructure for improved performance and reliability!

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