Computer Security

When it comes to Computer Security, we believe in a multi-layered approach

Data Backup

Compu-Net Systems offers a variety of backup solutions. Having a good daily backup is an essential part of your business operations and the most important component of your security subsystem.

Do you know if your last backup job ran successfully? Have you tested your backups to ensure they are usable in a disaster-recovery (DR) scenario? By implementing one of our backup solutions and combining it with one of our Managed IT Service programs, you can have peace of mind knowing your backups are successful.

Are you tired of rotating backup media offsite or need a DR solution? Compu-Net Systems has an offsite backup solution with optional DR. Let us plan your backup solution today and avoid disaster tomorrow!

Security Awareness Training

In today’s security landscape, the bad guys are coming up with new social engineering tactics that fool even the most savvy computer users. Educating and testing your employees on a weekly/monthly basis is the best way to keep them smart computer users and your important data protected.

We will:

  • Provide baseline testing;
  • Provide automated training;
  • Test results with fake phishing emails; and
  • Provide reports to show results

Our solution:

  • Is customizable with thousands of templates;
  • Is constantly updated for new and relevant training; and
  • May lower your Cyber-security insurance rates because training is being provided

Let Compu-Net Systems put your Security Awareness Training program together for you today!

Antivirus / Antimalware

Compu-Net Systems’ Antivirus and Anti-malware solutions allow us to manage your devices from anywhere. Our solution ensures your device stays updated and runs daily scans. If a virus or malware is detected, or the software malfunctions, it is reported and the appropriate actions are taken.

Web filtering can be implemented to block website categories (i.e., those deemed inappropriate) to ensure compliance or other requirements. Software features built into the real time-protection modules helps to prevent Ransomware infections.

Email Filtering

Compu-Net Systems has solutions to filter your email for SPAM, scan for viruses and to provide business continuity of your email subsystem. Whether you have an onsite email server or using some other email provider, we have you covered.

  • Do you receive too many SPAM messages on a daily basis?
  • Do you need to receive and respond to new email message even when your email server is down?
  • Do you need a business-continuity solution in the event your email server goes down?
  • Do you need to maintain a black-list / white-list of certain email address?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, Compu-Net Systems Mail Protection is your solution!

Email Encryption

More and more industries have a compliancy requirement to send encrypted emails. Compu-Net Systems has your solution for Email Encryption Services.

  • Is your company required to send encrypted email?
  • Do you know if email encryption is required for your line of business?

Compu-Net Systems
can help you answer these questions and, if necessary, implement the necessary technologies to ensure compliance.

Router / Firewall

Having a business-class router/firewall is the first line of defense for keeping unwanted network traffic off your internal business network and infrastructure. Compu-Net Systems has several firewall options to choose from. Let us evaluate your needs and recommend the best device for your business.

UTM Appliance

Two of the most common questions we receive about installing a UTM (Unified Threat Management) Appliance is, “what is it” and “why do I need it”? Below are a few questions to consider to help determine if a UTM Appliance is right for you:

  1. Do you want to have peace of mind knowing the traffic coming in and out of your network is scanned for known threats and blocked if a known threat is found?
  2. Are you tired of slow or sluggish Internet connectivity or losing productivity because employees are checking Facebook or other social media pages during work hours?
  3. Do you want to block access to certain web pages or certain types of web sites?
  4. Do you want to block all network traffic to/from a particular country?
  5. Do you have a compliancy requirement to install an Intrusion Protection System (IPS), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) System or a need to provide Firewall reporting?
  6. Would you like to have a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to your office for remote access to network resources?
  7. Do you have multiple offices and want to securely connect the networks together?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a UTM (Unified Threat Management) Appliance may be your best solution!

Data Destruction Services

Compu-Net Systems offers data destruction services for computer hard drives. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, we can help:

  • Do you have old computers or hard drives laying around that you are keeping because they still contain data or you are not sure what data they contain?
  • Does your business security officer require a certificate of destruction for old hard drives?
  • Do you have hard drives that can not be removed from your place of business until data destruction is complete? We can come to you!

Don’t let your data fall into the wrong hands. Compu-Net Systems can destroy the data and provide a certificate of destruction for compliance purposes.

Contact Compu-Net Systems today for all your Computer Security Service needs!