Does your business require multiple servers to operate? Compu-Net Systems can reduce the number of physical servers required by virtualizing some or all of your server infrastructure. By utilizing technologies from Microsoft, we will plan and implement or migrate your multiple physical server environment to a single physical server running multiple virtual servers. This saves on maintenance, power and software licensing costs.

The decision to use virtualization in your business environment is not as simple as saying, “less physical servers = saving money”!

This decision to implement virtualization takes up-front planning and is a multi-step process. Let’s assume you have ruled out moving some of your server infrastructure to cloud servers and you need to keep all of your servers onsite. Compu-Net Systems can help you navigate the following steps to implement a server virtualization strategy.

Step 1

Evaluate the server infrastructure that will be needed for the next 3 to 5 years. Compu-Net Systems can perform an evaluation and engineer the number of servers and hardware/software requirements of the physical and virtual environment.

Step 2

Compu-Net Systems will provide a cost-estimate for implementing and supporting virtual servers in your business environment.

Step 3

Compu-Net Systems will consult with the decision-makers to determine the best solution for your business. Sometimes, the least expensive option is not always the best option.

Step 4

Compu-Net Systems will implement your chosen virtual server infrastructure plan and support it through its life-cycle.

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