Cloud Services

Compu-Net Systems utilizes a variety of companies for hosting Cloud Services

Microsoft 365

Are you confused by the number of Microsoft 365 subscription services available? Are you having trouble getting your Microsoft 365 Services set up once you know what product you need? Do you prefer to pay your trusted IT advisor for all your IT services? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Compu-Net Systems can help.

As your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we will:

  • Determine what Microsoft 365 subscription services are needed so you are only purchasing what you need;
  • Handle the setup and implementation of your Microsoft 365 account tenant;
  • Handle the billing for your Microsoft 365 services; and 
  • Be your first level of support when it comes to setup, adding or removing services and troubleshooting service issues.

We can manage your Microsoft 365 subscription today!

Security Awareness Training

In today’s security landscape, the bad guys are coming up with new social engineering tactics that fool even the most savvy computer users. Educating and testing your employees on a weekly/monthly basis is the best way to keep them smart computer users and your important data protected.

We will:

  • Provide baseline testing;
  • Provide automated training;
  • Test results with fake phishing emails;
  • Provide reports to show results.

Our solution:

  • Is customizable with thousands of templates;
  • Is constantly updated for new and relevant training; and
  • May lower your Cyber-security insurance rates because training is being provided.

Let Compu-Net Systems put your Security Awareness Training program together for you today!

Email Services

At Compu-Net Systems, we believe email is one of the most important line-of-business applications in use today. In fact, some businesses are so reliant on email that an email outage literally brings their business to a halt. Because of this, Compu-Net has partnered with industry-leading companies to help with:

  • Email hosting services;
  • Stopping SPAM or malicious email messages from being delivered to your inbox;
  • Providing business-continuity so when your email server goes down, important messages are not lost;
  • Providing the ability to read and reply to new messages when your email server is down;
  • Providing the ability to resend a lost email message to your inbox for up to 30 days;
  • Providing the ability to send/receive encrypted email; and
  • Providing the ability to archive email messages.

Compu-Net Systems prides itself as being email subsystem experts. Let us help design and install a system that gives you peace of mind knowing you will never miss a message!

Data Backup

Compu-Net Systems offers a variety of backup solutions.

Having a good daily backup is an essential part of your business operations and the most important component of your security subsystem.

Are you tired of rotating backup media offsite or need a disaster recovery (DR) solution? Compu-Net Systems has an offsite backup solution with optional disaster recovery. Let us plan your backup solution today and avoid disaster tomorrow!

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